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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

Evidence For Learning

At Lampard Community School we use an application called ‘Evidence for Learning (EfL)’ to record your child’s learning. We take photos and videos of your child’s learning and progress towards their Personal Learning Goals.  This evidence is then uploaded into their Learning Journal which we share with you at termly Personal Learning Goal Meetings and will also be used to form the end of year report.

The Evidence for Learning programme contains a parent portal on which parents/carers can upload photos, short videos and descriptions of their child’s learning or progress towards the PLG targets from home.  We have successfully trialled this part of the programme and saw some wonderful sharing of evidence in school, at home and in their community.


We would now like to invite all parents to sign up to the portal. There will be help guides provided and the opportunity to virtually meet to look at the portal and how it works. We will be sharing evidence regularly and also publishing the learning journeys and end of year reports via the portal. Please complete the form on the next page, once you have read our acceptable usage conditions below.


Any use of the parent portal will need to abide by the following acceptable usage conditions: -

Images uploaded to the parent portal from school

Photos uploaded by tutors from school may contain your child within a group of children.

Students who are not allowed to be included in photos at school will not be included in group photos

In line with our safeguarding policy, no images from school should be uploaded onto any social media

EfL Parent Portal accounts will be deactivated if school-based images are used on social media


When sharing home based photos and videos please consider: -

People/children in the photos/images, must have given their consent for the image to be shared with school

The image/video must be appropriate for school use i.e. clothing/language/consider who or what is in the background of the image.