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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School


Online learning platfroms used by our students in school:


Suitable for all year groups

What is MyMaths?

MyMaths is a fun, friendly website that we use in school as part of our maths learning, students use it on their own or in small groups to help support maths in their lessons.

Some of our students have asked if they could use MyMaths at home, so we have registered all our students to the website. If they don't have a computer at home, they can still use MyMaths at the library.

We will not be setting any formal homework for every student, but some tutors may ask some students to look at particular activities to boost their learning.

Our tutors can look at the information provided by MyMaths so that they can see what each student has been working on and help them further.

How to access MyMaths

Go to the MyMaths website (link below) and login at the top of the page, using the school's username and password. on the next page your child should enter their personal username in the My Portal box. MyMaths will then remember who they are and automatically log them into the tasks.


There is a link to the lesson so they can practise first, and a link to the activity. When your child completes both pages of an Online Learning, their scores will be saved and their tutor will be able to see how well they did and leave feedback.



Suitable for all year groups

Accessible videos and activities for all areas of maths learning. 
Students have their own login details to access Espresso at home.


Skills Forward

Suitable for Upper School students only

Skills Forward is linked to our Functional Skills Curriculum for both maths and English. 

Some Upper school students have a login to access activities and tasks linked to their learning which they can access in school and at home.

These activities are most suitable for students working confidently at Entry 2 and above.


Oher Useful Websites

Top Marks – Suitable for all year groups

Tablet friendly learning games covering all areas of maths learning at different levels.

Work your way up through the year groups.


IXL Maths learning –Suitable for all year groups

Easy to follow practise activities for all areas of maths learning. 

Work your way up through the year groups.


BBC Bitesize Website – Suitable for all year groups

Useful learner guides and class clips to watch






The links below may also be of interest. We do not endorse any of these sites and cannot guarantee the quality of the content. However we are happy to signpost you to them in order for you to decide if any may be of interest to you and your family at this time:

BBC Number Blocks - Fun animated videos to help build number skills

Chatter Pack

There are suitable activities for all students which can be accessed using the links below.