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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School


Mrs Feehan and Mrs Hailstone have been preparing the garden and each class in Middle School have been given their own planter that they will be growing various different vegetables and herbs in. Students will need to prepare their planters, sow the seeds and then care for their vegetables.

Lyn class in middle school came together and set up our planters ready to sow chives, kale and beans. After organising our planter we then discussed what we enjoyed about starting off our planter.

Here's what our students said.......................................

‘I enjoyed breaking up the top soil and looking after the worms by finding them a new home’

‘I enjoyed using the wheel barrow and the spade’

‘I enjoyed the freedom of being outside’

‘I enjoyed tearing open the bag of compost’

‘Digging the top soil was my favourite bit’

‘We learned that it is important to work as a team’

‘We learned that we need to sow our seeds at the right time so that the cold doesn’t kill our plants’

‘I’m interested to see how our plants grow’

‘Can we grow cucumbers next’?

Thank you Mrs Feehan and Mrs Hailstone for organising our planters!