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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

O Project Week- Day 4

This week the students in middle school are taking part in a project week exploring Barnstaple, and it's local community and history. Here's the final blog post of the week..........


Today, Tamar class went on a warm walk around Barnstaple on a History Hunt. We started the Hunt in Barnstaple Town square where we were met by Mr Tuner, the former town mayor, where he told us his very interesting story on the History of the town square and how the clock got its name ‘the four faced liar’.

 We then followed a map with clues to the next spot where we were met by John Tallow, he was a former wool merchant at the ports of the river taw, he explained to us the history of the river taw and how it was a popular trading place in 1588.

Tamar then got to walk around the town centre looking at the other historical buildings including the Pannier Market and Butchers row before we made our way to the top of Castle Mound.

At the top of Castle Mound Tamar and Barle class were met by Sir Joel, a knight who was given the land on Castle Mount by William the Conqueror. After he gave us some interesting facts about Castle Mount, he then let the students try on his armoured gloves and feel the real armour that he used to wear. 

Tamar and Barle were then able to have a look at the Almes Houses where they got to go into a small church and they saw an old-fashioned door with real musket bullet holes!

After a busy and informative morning, we walked to Rock Park where we sat in the cool shade and ate our lunch before having a chance to play football and on the park equipment.



We walked to the square at met outside the museum.

We did some weeding with a lady called Rosie.  Rosie works for the council. The best place to get the weeds was under the trees. We made a big pile of weeds and Rosie was pleased.

We planted carrots and marigolds. All the things we planted you can eat.

There were loads of buses. I spotted the 21 and 21A. I was looking for the white bus and the chemo hero bus.

After that we went to the park and played then had lunch.



Today we met Mr Turner who was dressed up as someone from the past, he told us about the history of the clock tower and fountain. We then walked around Barnstaple and  found out more about the history of the town. We climbed up Castle Hill and met a knight who told us about his castle. At the Alms house we saw a church and a room with bullet holes in the door! There was a water pump in the garden to get water to the Alms house and help in a draught.

On the way back to Rock Park for lunch we saw a cat watching us from the window.



Today Torridge class went to the court in the Guildhall. We acted out a real court scene. First Sadie gave us a talk about the Guildhall, then we played a game called what’s in the box. Phoebe pulled out what looked like a hammer, but it was called a gable that the judge uses to hit the side. The guildhall had lots of portraits of people that lived in Barnstaple a long time ago, rock park was named after one of the men in the portraits. When we did the court scene it was really fun, some of the characters we played were, The judge, the jury, witness, suspect, victim, defence lawyer and prosecutor. When we had finished we were allowed to go and look at the treasure, trophies and there was a world war 2 battle ship. We then headed back to rock park to have our lunch and some playtime.