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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

How We Assess Your Childs Progress

In Lower School and Middle School

In the past the government asked us to use levels to explain what sets of skills students have for their academic subjects. We no longer have to use these levels and we are working with other special schools to find a way of recording student progress and communicating this clearly to parents and carers. The following information explains what we are doing at the moment.

They start at a Level called P1 which is the start of the development of skills.
As a student learns more skills, they move up through P2 to P3 and eventually up to P8.

After P8, the skills are measured as ‘National Curriculum Levels’, which start at NC Level 1 and go up to NC Level 8 depending on what skills the student has.

P1 -> P2 -> P3 -> P4 -> P5 -> P6 -> P7 -> P8 -> NC1 -> NC2 -> NC3 -> NC4 etc

To help show how our students progress, we divide each Level into sub-levels a, b and c. For example P7c is a low P7, P7b is a secure P7 and P7a is a high P7. This lets us measure small steps of progress for our students.

To help parents we tell you whether your child is making above expected, expected or below expected progress. We are happy to meet with you to talk about the actual levels if you would find that useful.

In Upper School

The idea is the same: the qualifications which the students gain are expressed in Levels. These start at the Personal Progress level and move up through Entry Level 1, Entry Level 2 then Entry Level 3, depending on the skills a student learns.

Personal Progress -> Entry Level 1 -> Entry Level 2 -> Entry Level 3

If you have any questions please ask your child’s tutor who will be pleased to help you.