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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

How We Assess Your Childs Progress

In September 2020 we launched our EMPOWER curriculum for all students. EMPOWER has three drivers which underpin everything we do – Communication, Independence and Emotional Wellbeing. Alongside this, we have developed the Lampard Assessment Banding System, which allows us to track and report on each students’ individual progress.

Our students are assessed within attainment bands. These range from Band 1 up to Band 18 and cover the full range of attainment for all students as they journey with us through school. Within each Band there are a set of skills and objectives which our students are taught and as we assess their progress, it gives us clear ‘next steps’ to work towards.

We understand that students may need to revisit a concept many times in order to fully embed their understanding or application of a skill – our assessment system also allows us to track the small steps of progress each student makes towards independence while mastering a task or objective.

Here is a diagram to show how our system works – if you read down the columns, it shows how our Bands equate to the old P Levels, National Curriculum Levels and to the NCFE Functional Skills qualifications which our Upper School students undertake.

If you have any questions please ask your child’s tutor who will be pleased to help you.