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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement

Lampard Community School is a positive learning community built on the strong relationships we make. Through listening to our students and their families we endeavour to put them at the centre of all decision making. We are committed to providing the most meaningful experience of education for each of our students to enable them to become as independent as possible and to go on to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

The key values that underpin the work we all do at Lampard and expected to be demonstrated by all are:

Mutual respect               
Working together

Our School Vision

  • Our students have a strong sense of self and have clear aspirations.
  • Our students are as independent as they are able and skills are embedded for life.
  • We are a resilient community of learners.             
  • Our students are effective communicators in their daily lives.
  • We always provide opportunities to shine and we celebrate success.
  • We are all active and valued members of the school.

The aims of our vision reflect:

  • We recognise each of our students are unique and we are committed to developing the whole self. We recognise that success is driven by the relationships we build, our knowledge of each child and in knowing what their aspirations are to empower them to make steps towards these.
  • A determination to provide our students with as much experience of independence as we can offer through a meaningful curriculum and to support and celebrate each step towards using their skills independently.
  • A collaborative approach to providing our students with the tools and understanding they need to manage challenge, the belief they are capable and in ensuring they know who can help them. We will work collaboratively with multi-agency colleagues to enrich the experiences of students and their families.
  • Our pursuit to develop, through high quality provision, successful communicators who are empowered to make safe choices and fully contribute to their community.
  • The importance of our work in helping students to recognise their strengths and to celebrate them along with their holistic achievements, no matter how big or small. Our goal is for all of our students to experience success, feel valued for who they are and know what unique skills and talents they possess.
  • We are fully committed to all being active learners of SEND. We will listen to our students, their families, the wider multi-agency and professional community and the local authority in order to be a highly effective and successful provision for our learners.