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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

School Council

The School Council is the student's voice for change within Lampard Community School and gives the students a say in some of the major decisions made at school. Although the School Council works as a whole, at times the 15 students are split into Lower School Council, Middle School Council and Upper School Council. The Council consists of two representatives from every class (a Lead Representative and a Deputy), elected by their fellow students.This year each tutor group has a 'team advocate'. This adult was also voted in by the tutor group to support the School Council representative and share views of all.

Ways in which the School Council has recently helped shape our school:

  • The School Council have been involved in the recruitment process of new members of staff by taking part in the interview process.
  • School Council members have audited our school dinners' quality and made some changes.
  • Have reviewed the options for the playgrounds during lunch time and break time, including zoning and clubs.
  • The School Council have reviewed the school PE kit and stated their preference of colour.
  • They have also carried out a survey for each Phase Group to choose their favourite tree to be planted on school grounds.