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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

Christmas Cakes

In the last two weeks of term, the food studies room was the busiest we’ve ever seen it! All classes were offered the chance to come and cook a ‘tin Can Christmas Cake’ in exchange for a donation towards buying some equipment for the food studies room. The cost of the cakes were kept as low as possible- with thanks to the companies who donated us ingredients for the Christmas Cake making.

  1. Walter at Asda donated all the icing and marzipan.
  2. Pam at Tesco (Rose Lane) donated £15 to spend in store on ingredients
  3. And the biggest thank you for Francesca Chun at Savona Food service who donated ALL the butter, dried fruit and flour.

The students had a great time baking the cakes, and the school was filled with the smell of Christmas. The students got to practice their weighing and measuring skills, as well as teamwork and co-operation. They had to work physically hard to mix the ingredients. Lots of practical life skills were covered as well, working safely, hygienically and getting the equipment washed and ready for the next group. Everyone, especially the students worked hard to make their cakes, and we hope the cakes were enjoyed by all!