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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

Home Learning

Our Home Learning Offer

Expanded Opening – from 15.6.2020

Our Educational Offer

Until the end of the summer term, our main educational offer continues to be the Home Learning Packs that teachers create each week, bespoke to each student.

In addition, from 15th June 2020 we have extended our in-school offer to all students, one day per week, whilst continuing with our key worker / respite provision. Students have been invited to join a ‘bubble’ consisting of peers and staff from their new classes, and we are seeing this time as a chance for enhanced transition.

What will it be like in a ‘bubble’?

When students re-enter our school, we are aware that each of them will have had a unique lockdown experience. We are committed to supporting their mental health as well as their physical wellbeing. We will support them to socially distance and maintain good hand hygiene.

Please be reassured that, within our bubbles, students will be warmly welcomed into the learning environments we have created for them.

We have thought carefully about maximising every group’s access to all our outside learning spaces, as we know many students have been staying indoors for much of the last three months and we want them to gently re-engage with nature and the outdoors.

The sessions will be sensitively planned and led by our teaching staff, and will be guided by the individual needs and interests of the students.

We are not delivering core subject lessons in a formal way. Instead, a holistic approach to topics of interest, and practical skill development, will take place. Stories, creative arts and crafts, music, nature studies, physical games and relationship-building activities are the order of the day.

If you choose to send your child back to school this term, we very much look forward to welcoming them!

We are pleased to offer a bespoke education offer to each of our students during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each week, our students receive a hand-delivered, personalised, printed learning pack with a range of supportive learning activities tailored to their needs, interests and abilities.

Our teachers source, create and develop resources to build on each students’ prior learning experiences across the curriculum. Teachers encourage communication and telephone each family weekly to check-in and chat through the activities. They are available on email every school day to provide additional support as required.

Some, but by no means all, of our students have access to a personal electronic device and the internet at home; our home learning offer is supported by access to online learning platforms for those in a position to utilise such technology. For us, this is additional to our core home learning offer, where we ensure equity for all.

We are supporting our families as best we can during this difficult time. We are not asking them to act as teachers – effective teaching is a complex process – but we are guiding them to support and encourage their children to undertake short learning activity sessions whilst at home if this is conducive to their positive emotional wellbeing.

We understand that each family is unique. We are not putting any pressure on our students or their families to complete any of the learning activities. We have purposefully included a range of life skill activities in our packs so that students unable to engage in curricular tasks can demonstrate success as they begin to move towards independence in their lives.

We are committed to providing tailored opportunities for students to be supported in meeting their Personal Learning Goals as outlined in the EHCPs.

We are not ‘treading water’ with our home learning offer – we are actively ‘watering the garden’.

Families looking for some additional ideas, please see the individual subject pages which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Additional Home Learning Activities