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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. This is where you can find out about what we are doing to make a positive difference in our school. Also you can see latest information and minutes on our display board outside the hall.

The Student Council is the students’ voice for change within Lampard Community School, it gives students a say in some of the major decisions made at Lampard. Although the School Council work as a whole, at times the 28 students are split into Lower School Council, Middle School Council and Upper School Council. The Council consists of two representatives from every class (a Lead Representative and a Deputy), elected by their fellow students. This year each tutor group has a ‘team advocate’. This adult was also voted in by the tutor group to support the school council representative and share the views of all.

The Student Council meets every half term and discusses issues raised by peers, developments within school which the Leadership team are seeking student feedback on and whole school events. This information is then shared with Governors and the Leadership team. Prior to the meetings, representatives in each tutor group have a discussion with their peers.  This means that every student’s voice is heard!

Over the last few years, the School Council has played a role in these major school decisions:

School Council 2017-2018

More students than ever wanted to join the school council this year, 47 in total. Each nominee had the opportunity to campaign to their peers in their tutor group in morning briefings, plans and review time. All worked incredibly hard and shared with their class what they could bring to the School Council, some students created posters to encourage others to vote for them! We are very proud of all of those students who put themselves up for nomination and how hard they campaigned.

Voting took place on Wednesday 4th October. With their ‘Team Advocates’ the New School Council are sure to make a positive difference to our school.