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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

History Club - a student's view

What is History Club like?

Welcome to Lampard Community School history club!

History club isn’t just for hanging out with your friends, it is also for researching stuff and doing metal detecting in forest school and amputating people’s heads (btw it is fake don’t worry its funny to watch!)

Mr K talks about Romans and some other stuff, history club is fun, that’s why I learned a lot of stuff all about it. You should sign up because it is fun and if u sign up maybe u will meet some of the people who run it. If I was u guys, I would at least go to try it and if u don’t like it u don’t need to go back. I will keep u guys updated on what’s going on in history club.

                                                                     goodbye for now

                                                                                  signed by Lisa Y11