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The Lampard Community School

The Lampard Community School

A Student Welcome

What's it like to be a student at Lampard? Well, here are some quotes from students, collected by our School Council representatives:

"Lampard School is brilliant!"

"Break time is very fun at my school. We have a big playground and lots of things to play on. The teachers play games with us too. I like to play chase and racing games."

"We have reward time if we work really hard or are good friends. We can play out on our  climbing equipment or choose a friend from another class to come and share a game with us.  We enjoy playing on the drum kit, having time in the sensory room or playing with all our friends with the parachute."

"My favourite bit is the forest school area. We all helped to get it like this and I like it because we’ve got a pizza oven and a yurt. I’ve liked outdoors since I was little so that is why I like it but we’ve all helped especially as we’ve had help from local companies like Western Power and Tesco’s. They helped by donating money to us. Western Power came and helped us by cutting away a large section of it and also donating many bird boxes, pallets, oil drums, wire reels and its coming along really well and I’m glad that I can be a part of it."

"I love Lampard School because it’s a happy and joyful school. We go on lots of trips in our minibus. We use the minibus for outings and it takes the students from Upper School to their courses and off-site learning at Petroc. Here we can learn about mechanics, construction and hair and beauty."

"I enjoy the art, music and drama at Lampard. We have a special area full of instruments, costumes and arty things. I like playing the piano. We have an assembly every week and we sing altogether with some of the teachers playing guitars."

"We go on lots of visits and residential trips at Lampard School. Some groups have been to Bath and Plymouth or to outdoor centres like St Georges House. It is exciting staying away from home with my friends. We have lots of fun together, it’s like an adventure."